Vilamoura and the Golden Triangle of Portugal


It is outstanding as it is but one of the greatest single tourist complex in Europe and covers some 2.000 hectares of land.

The company that possesses this complex is extremely environmentally aware and has left every effort is being made to guard nature within its continued planned improvement.

As a result of size of the hotel place it offers the customer just about any sort of game and enjoyment. However, the southern border will be a long sandy beach swept from the Atlantic Ocean.

Amongst the numerous attractions and facilities you can find just six different Golf Courses, a big Marina, also a Lawn Bowling Club using two bud Rinks, a Tennis Centre, a Sports Club, a Shooting Club, 5 Star and 4 Star Lodges, Tourist Flats, Selfcatering Villas, Golf Clubs, a Global Casino with glamorous displays along with a Cinema, plus a fantastic Riding School.

Inside the centre of Vilamoura there is a maintained Roman Website and Museum of Cerro da Vila providing an Intriguing peek into the past of the area. In Roman times this location has been essential in making a fish paste known as”garum”. The ruins also have the baths from which the mariners applied to wash.

As a location specifically made for tourism it has been shown to be a very successful holiday vacation destination for many ages because of the range of services it provides holiday-makers.

Facilities include: Troia Resort Setubal


Cafes / Pubs

Post office


Petrol station

Supermarkets (with international products)

Railway station

Amazing Marina

A Large Assortment of Golf Courses

Approximate Driving Time for You to Airports

Lisbon 2,5 hours

Faro 1-5 minutes

Porto 6,5 Hrs

Vale do Lobo is just another part of this Golden Triangle plus a background of success from the South of Portugal.

In 1962, was created the renowned Vale do Lobo, the first tourist venture of Algarve, at south of Portugal. The project became real after the venture of two multi-nationals: Trusthouse Fort plc and also Costain plc..

When it had been assembled, the region of Algarve was devoted fundamentally to the fishing also to the agriculture. With the coming of this Vale do Lobo, the neighborhood met its initial five stars hotel Le Meridien D. Filipa and its first golf course.

Throughout the seventies, Sander van Gelder, the dutch entrepreneur linked for the industry of the jewellery shop and diamonds using a few stories in Holland, identified the Vale do Lobo.

The tremendous tourist possibility of this hotel brought the entrepreneur, who also acquired the firm from 1977, going with his family Portugal. In that moment, Vale do Lobo acquired a fresh future, getting into a luxury tourist hotel.

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